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(Un)conferencing for the research community

In my experience, the biggest gains within a creative community come when people do things, and tell others. This might sound self-evident, but I’m yet to see a community where either of those parts couldn’t be improved (a lot). Scientists are no exceptions: while it seems like they supposed to be doing a lot (research) and telling everyone (publications), that’s not the end of the story.

The motto I’ve chosen for Moonpunch at the start was “Do More Science!”. It’s to signify my desire to enable better results overall, because I felt there’s not enough attention & effort paid to how things are done, and undue amount of focus on what is done.

Just another day in the physics lab
Just another day in the physics lab

In the commercial sector it is a lot more common for people to share productivity tips, management experience, tools (hardware & software), writing techniques, hiring strategy, and so on, everything that’s needed to get work done. What if researchers would share a lot more of their how as well, the Art & Science of Laboratory Research? Would people be interested learning from each other how to be a better at figuring out the Universe?

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