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W53/1: Horrible Clarity

It’s been a long gap since the last Horrible Clarity, aka. progress report, and it is high time to pick it up again. The turn of the year is a great way to force a look on the last year and also more concrete planning for the next. So here’s the last of the old / first of the new year progress reports of a hardware startup that can barely call itself as such.

This is how this year felt - and it's surprisingly cozy :/
This is how this year felt – and it’s surprisingly cozy :/

This year

I know it’s a cliche, but it was a very surprising year in many respects. Being completely honest, I missed pretty much all of the targets I had, though it’s more the matter of not having clear targets and milestones. This lack of clarity affects everything, and that made a big impression on this year.

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