Monthly Archives: May 2014

Experience on Week 19

It’s again “Horrible Clarity” time, and this week a bit less of progress report, and a bit more reflection on thing I’ve learned and experienced recently. It’s interesting to be operating in an established, large company, many of the issues that I’ll need to solve in a startup coming to greet me much earlier than they would otherwise.

Taking down a house with machines
Heavy machinery and a big pile of rubble, feels like my days

Past week

Being in a marketing position at the moment, we’ve been doing plenty of thinking how to talk about all the things that are important to us. The main message I took home, content strategy is hard. Everyone has a lot of content, but getting results from them (not superficial, but real results), is difficult. Maybe I should have paid more attention at the Content Strategy for Professionals online course. Since I don’t remember much, have to come up with my own solutions. Thinking about it, this would be a good time to employ things like the 5 Ws and one H: ¬†What, Why, When, Where, Who and How. Will give it a try and see whether it’ll make better content and clearer strategy.

Another thing that is obvious is but I had to experience it myself, is that selling is hard. Have an online store, quite a bit of traffic, social media feedback, and all these don’t turn into sales. Why? And how do I go about answering this question? That could make a lot of things so much more effective.

Had a chat about electronics with a friend, asking specific questions about how a circuit board I’m developing should be like. Incredible feedback, and I just had to stumble upon the right people. Being knowledgeable is not enough. A person’s attitude is what makes or breaks a partnership.

There’s never enough time, but should take time to catch up with things. Otherwise it’s really like an interest payment – will be buried under time-debt.

This week

Continue on electronics development, and finish something up before all that discussion fades from my memory. Nothing holds that up, only me.

Will be attending a physics conference, the Hong Kong – Taiwan Cold Atom Forum. Must keep up, and want to keep up with the field. It’s also good to meet my potential target audience, and get some first hand feedback what people are up to.

Found more physics papers detailing open hardware for physics labs that I should check out in detail and summarize here. Some are precursor to the last paper, some are building on top of that.

Well, this is all for the moment. Everyone, have a good week ahead.