Monthly Archives: March 2014

And now at Week 14

Looks like that short time-out of week 9 turned into a much longer one than I’ve anticipated. The trip to Kinmen was great, though, even if it didn’t directly contribute to any scientific endeavour.

Wall painting at a local ice cream parlor
Fish on a bicycle. Because.

What’s coming up on the other hand, is a re-evaluation of the progress so far, and putting things into a more focused side project mode. That’s needed, because I failed so much at failing, that I’m still trying to test the original idea, that I’m so attached to. Whether it’s a good idea, or whether it’s the right time for it, or whether I’m the right person to execute it – I believe that the answer to all is yes, but it doesn’t really matter what do I believe. What matters is that I haven’t tested things well enough, and now will have to look for something to make a living while figuring it out.

Side project is not equal to “dead”, though. The wishful thinking is that most people who had successful side projects (like the ever informative Pat McKenzie) describe the limitations they had as overall good things to their project. Cut the fat, throw the ballast, see what remains to keep this baby flying…

Coming week

Will be travelling this week as well (by chance), so not going to have much time to do anything concrete. What can be done anywhere and anytime, though, is thinking.

  • Do an honest status report of what have I done since I started on this project. What worked, what not, and why? What’s outstanding in my lead list (and what leads withered by not giving them enough effort)? What’s my real goal and endgame?
  • If it’s thinking, still should make it worthwhile, and use something new: see where would Elon Musk’s Reason from First Principles method take me. It makes sense, and I’ve used too many analogies on my ideas so far, time to explore elsewhere.
  • Think of people in my circles that could help me get on track. Too much lone wolf thus far.

All in the meantime, keep a “few little steps each day” approach, instead of big commitments. Entrepreneurship is just as much a mind-game as anything else (the way it looks to me so far).